Did You know?

  • Pecans have the highest antioxidant content of any nut
  • Pecans are the only nut native to the United States
  • Pecans are grown in 17 states in the US
  • 95% of the world’s pecans are grown in the US and Mexico
  • Pecans can protect the heart and mind, aid weight loss, and lower cholesterol

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Over the years, we have developed strong relationships with growers, key nut processors, and customers worldwide. We are a multinational company, with representatives in five different countries. We believe that to be successful in any market, we must fully integrate to understand and respect the local culture, nuances, and regulations. Our international team members are recruited locally in each country. They speak the language, and maintain direct contact with our customers. This enables smooth transactions, as well as clear and consistent communication – an overall better trading experience. Whether you are a pecan grower or a buyer, we strive to provide you the best of service. For unique opportunities with an experienced exporter, please contact us and a team member will respond to your request.