Approximately 80% of all the pecans consumed around the world are either grown or processed in the United States (the bulk of Mexico’s production is shipped to, processed, and sold by the US). The remaining 10% are grown in South Africa and Australia, with minimal production occurring in China, Peru, Chile and Argentina. In the US, these special buttery nuts are produced in 16 southern states from California to North Carolina, as well as Hawaii.

Every single Carter Pecan shipment is inspected by our professional team, who have decades of experience and are well respected leaders in the pecan industry. Our inspectors look for quality issues that do not meet buyers’ standards and take corrective action before shipment and delivery. This extra value added QC step ensures you receive a top quality product, which is a direct benefit to you and your customers and increases your competitiveness in the market.

InShell Pecan

Shelled Pecan