Inshell pecans are our specialty. We are consistently ranked among the Top 3 exporters in the US for inshell pecans. Fun fact: pecans come in over 500 varieties! While we don’t offer all of them, we do know a whole lot about the most popular varieties, including Western, Wichita, Desirable, Cape Fear, Cheyenne, Pawnee, Sumner, and Stuart. Many pecans varieties are named after Native Americans to celebrate the pecan’s history as an indigenous nut. Pecans vary greatly in size, yield, and quality – from Mammoth to Small, Fancy or Choice, with up to 60% nut yield.

In an age where science is trying to improve nature, GMO discussions are prevalent. None of the pecans grown in the US have been genetically modified. The American Pecan Council reports that it does not anticipate production of genetically modified pecans in the near future. Any improved varieties of pecans have been achieved through conventional breeding methods such as grafting. It’s amazing to consider that the pecans we are enjoying come from native pecan trees that flourished naturally in North American millions of years ago!