Although we are one of the Top 3 exporters in the US for inshell pecans, we also offer shelled pecans (kernels) and specialized shelling for less common (but sometimes tastier!) pecan varieties. Carter Pecan supplies large volumes of high quality pecan kernels to customers worldwide for use in the roasting, snacking, baking, and confectionery industries. We understand the needs of our customers and match that need with the right product at the right price with the right supplier. Additionally, we procure the finest inshell pecans available directly from the best growers in the US and have them custom shelled in a GFSI certified (SQF Level 3, BRC or ISO 22000) facilities. This assures the highest possible level of food safety.

Mammoth Halves

250 or less count per proud

Junior Mammoth Halves

251-300 count per proud

Jumbo Halves

301-350 count per proud

Extra Large Halves

351-450 count per proud

Large Halves

451-550 count per proud

Small Halves

551-650+ count per proud

Mammoth Pieces

Large Pieces

Small Pieces

Small Pieces

Midget Pieces

Pecan Meal